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I don’t think so. I’ve got a lot of life experience, certainly, but I don’t feel like I’m looking down on her. Or being her mentor. I actually feel like she’s the one inspiring me!

-Johnny Depp (when asked if the age difference matters in his relationship with Amber Heard)

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why are men so afraid of women having leg hair???????? women have to put up with ur chest hair and back hair and gross pubic hair and scratchy facial hair all the time and u dont shave that bc ‘it takes too much time’ like…????? ok thanks for ur hypocrisy u dried up sink sponge

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so earlier finished it. it gave me feels.. I got teary when Dumbledore gave them more points at the end of the year lol. read more than half of it today omg literally spent my day reading it and I couldn’t put it down lol. just a day after I started it things happened and got busy for like two weeks! and while I was reading it I SUDDENLY had a great better idea than reading all the books starting on 31 March! it’s well.. you know I said I would a chapter of every book on my birthday? on my first birthday with the books I read all the first chapters of all the books-  on my second birthday I will read all the second chapters of all the books..  and that was my idea for my birthday- BUT FOR MY READING HP FOR THE FIRST TIME DAY I WILL CONTINUE READING A CHAPTER AFTER THE CHAPTERS I READ ON MY BIRTHDAY! that way, it’ll be like our my and my HP books’ day are connected.. like we complete each other (I know this sounds hardcore but okay) also it won’t make me worry about not having time :/  because it concerns me -.- however I will continue reading the books now cos I reallyreally miss them and I couldn’t start any of my old new books cos post-potter depression lol. and yeah I’ll do that next and I’m excited to do it idek lol #HarryPotter I miss JK Rowling and I love her so much btw

Anonymous said: Because I am a moron, I did not realize Sirius had any mental illness before now. Could you tell me what it is? :)

Then I was like:


disclaimer: i am not an expert on mental illness

[mental illness tw, abuse tw, torture tw, prison tw]

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this hurts me

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taking photos of stars is much harder than taking photos of the moon because they aren’t so big and shiny due the fact that they are so far away.. I was amazed when I took this photo because you can actually see what they look like without their radiant light! stars actually have colours becausE L O O K!! 
I got a big lense yesterday, so I naturally went to the roof to snap so pictures!

American Horror Story: Murder House
Episode 02: Home Invasion 
Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon 

The aging effects and makeup on this show are incredible. I absolutely love the way they’re able to make Jessica Lange look so young sometimes, a few times I couldn’t even recognize if it was her or another actress. And the way they’ve aged Lana in this photo is really believable, like they actually waited twenty years to film the scene. 

The Dance Lesson (detail), Edgar Degas, 1879